During the first two weeks of autumn term, Eden Boys’ Leadership Academy will deliver a tailored programme of activities designed to introduce pupils to the hallmarks of the school’s leadership specialism. The Leadership Programme, which aims to provide “something for everyone” by giving pupils access to a diverse range of rewarding and engaging educational experiences, will run from Wednesday 6th to Tuesday 19th September. All of the enrichment activities have been carefully planned to promote moral, civic and performance leadership skills and develop pupils’ confidence as they make the transition from primary school to secondary school.

Pupils will have the opportunity to meet their new classmates, discover new interests, and support their peers as they take part in a range of activities that are designed to reflect the depth and breadth of the school’s leadership specialism and encourage pupils to form fast and enduring friendships.

During Week 1, pupils will take part in induction events and team-building exercises at Manchester University, where they will meet other members of their form group and hone their literacy and numeracy skills through a range of fun-filled activities. They will then have the opportunity to put their motor skills to the test during a circus skills workshop, where they will learn the importance of focus, concentration and persistence as they perform acrobatic feats and balancing acts.

Week 2 will see pupils participating in a survival skills workshop and outdoor adventure activities, continuing to work effectively as part of a team whilst also developing resilience and using their problem-solving skills.

Pupils will then have the opportunity to showcase their entrepreneurial flair during the Small Business Challenge, where they will be able to brainstorm ideas for their own business and receive guidance from established and knowledgeable business mentors.

To round up the week’s events, pupils will participate in a Streetspeak poetry workshop, practicing their public speaking skills and harnessing their powers of expression through the unlikely medium of football.

All of the activities will be complemented by visits to art and science museums in Manchester, where pupils can experience greatness, creativity and innovation throughout the ages and be inspired to aim for excellence in their own pursuits.

The Leadership Programme will give pupils an exciting and well-rounded introduction to school life and ensure they are prepared to move into their new school building on Wednesday 20th September.