Name Date of Appoint. Term of Appoint. Resignation (if applicable) Type of Appoint. Business Interests Attendance 2016/17 Pecuniary Interests Declared 2016/17
Name of Organisation Nature of Relationship Date From
Mohammed Jawad Amin  Sept 2017 4 years Chair Silverdale Solicitors Director 2006 n/a n/a
Cheetham Hill Academy Board Member 2011
Communities for All Director 2014/15
Khirza Mosque Trustee 2009
Susan Lomas  Sept 2017 4 years Trust Sue Lomas Ltd Director 2010 n/a n/a
Talat-Farooq Awan  Sept 2017 4 years Trust None n/a n/a n/a n/a
Lubna Rehman  Sept 2017 4 years Trust None n/a n/a n/a n/a
Mohammad Habeebullah  Oct 2017 4 years Trust Al-Falah Islamic Trust Social Welfare Centre Trustee and Vice Chair  1990 n/a n/a
Prestwich Muslim Welfare Trust Trustee and Chair 1998
Ninelife Ltd Director 2011
Tahir Iqbal  Oct 2017 4 years Trust None n/a n/a n/a n/a
Justin Wilson Oct 2017 4 years Trust Enlightened HR Support Services Ltd Director/Shareholder July 2011 n/a n/a
Praxis Academy Trust Director/Member Nov 2016 n/a n/a
Bolton Wanderers Free School Director Jan 2016 n/a n/a