Understanding past events and people and their significance gives students a better insight into the world around them.

We believe in the importance of not just learning history, but learning from history. The study of History equips pupils with the ability to critically analyse source material, assess the merits of different arguments, hone their debating skills, and recognise bias and propaganda.

Curriculum Overview
Year 7 Year 8
  • History skills and Ancient civilisations in Britain (43AD-1066)
  • The Norman Conquest, Start of medieval period/1066
  • Medieval religion and crusades (1098-1200)
  • The Crown and the state vs the people (1199-1381)
  • The Tudors (1485-1603)
  • The English Civil War (1600s-1651)
  • The Slave Trade (1600s-1950)
  • Industrial Revolution (1750-1900s)
  • Empire & World War One (1914-18)
  • The inter-war years and World War Two (1939-1945)
  • Making of Modern Britain (1945- Present day)
  • Local History project (link to Industrial Revolution)


Year 9 Year 10 Year 11

Period studies: AQA Germany 1890-1945  Democracy & dictatorship

  • Germany and the growth of democracy
  • Germany and the Depression
  • The experiences of Germans under the Nazis
  • The experiences of Germans under the Nazis

Wider world depth Studies: Conflict and tension between East and West 1945-1972

  • The origins of the Cold War
  • The developments of the Cold War


Wider world depth Studies: Conflict and tension between East and West 1945-1972

  • Transformation of the Cold War

Power and the People c1170 to the present day

  • The Role of the Individual
  • Economic Factors
  • Religion and Ideas

British depth studies: Norman England c1066-1100

  • Conquest and Control
  • Life Under the Normans
  • The Norman Church and Monasticism
  • Revision & Exam Practice

Internal assessments take place every half-term.

KS4 Exam Board Specification: AQA GCSE History (8145)

Enrichment Offer

The Department offers subject-specific enrichment clubs and organises a range of educational visits throughout the year. Pupils are able to take part in school-wide competitions, as well as representing the Academy in local and national competitions designed to increase their engagement and enhance their subject knowledge. Intervention sessions to consolidate prior learning and ensure maximum progress are at the heart of our delivery model.